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Established firm helps preserve the property of Oakland and Macomb County clients

As you divorce, it’s natural to focus on the emotions associated with your breakup, particularly if there are children involved. However, it’s important not to lose sight of the significant decisions that could affect your financial health for years to come. Shatzman & Shatzman is an established Michigan family law firm with offices in Rochester Hills and St. Clair Shores. We give clients effective advice and advocacy on property division issues no matter how complex or contentious the situation might be.

Established advocate explains Michigan’s equitable distribution standard

Whether the outcome of your property distribution matter is reached through litigation, mediation or negotiations, our firm serves as a strong advocate for you and explains important concepts relating to:

  • Marital vs. separate property — A key element in some asset distribution disputes is the distinction between marital and separate property. Income and other assets which are accumulated during the marriage through the efforts of one or both spouses are generally considered part of the marital estate and are generally subject to allocation in the divorce order. Items which one spouse possessed before the marriage or gifts or inheritances given to a husband or wife individually are generally considered separate property, which may be excluded from the division process. If couples disagree about whether or not a particular asset should be designated as marital or separate property, we’ll provide clear direction on how the court might classify that property.
  • Equitable distribution standard — When Michigan couples cannot work out property division terms, the matter goes before a judge who makes a decision based on the state’s equitable distribution standard. This only means that he or she must decide what is fair, though not necessarily an equal split between the spouses.
  • Disposition of the marital home — For many couples, the marital home they share is their most valuable asset. After a thorough analysis of home equity, mortgages, the desire to keep children in their home and other factors, we use our experience and creativity to identify a proper solution. Should a buyout or some other type of financial arrangement be necessary to complete an ownership change, our firm can prepare the required documents.

After discussing your situation with a qualified family lawyer, you’ll understand how the law applies to your situation and can make decisions with confidence about how to proceed.

Thorough attorney outlines factors used by courts in property division cases

Determining what constitutes a fair division of property is an open-ended inquiry and judges look at a variety of factors to make these determinations. We take the time to review and discuss these factors with you as well as explaining how these factors may apply to your case.

Dedicated legal counselor handles situations involving shared debts

Like assets, debts which are incurred by a couple during a marriage must also be divided in a divorce. We take the time to review and discuss which factors are considered when these debts are divided.

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