Child Visitation Lawyer Aids Divorcing Parents

Experienced attorney serving Macomb and Oakland counties advises on parenting time arrangements

Under Michigan law, what many people refer to as “visitation” is called “parenting time.” No matter what name you use, it is vital for parents to shield their minor children from unnecessary parental conflicts after a divorce. At Shatzman & Shatzman, we serve clients throughout Macomb and Oakland counties who are determined to establish a positive, supportive environment for their sons and daughters. From offices in St. Clair Shores and Rochester Hills, our firm assists parents in every aspect of parenting time matters, including the enforcement and modification of existing plans.

Compassionate adviser offers sound counsel on Michigan custody law

Regardless of what type of child custody arrangements are appropriate for your situation, we will create a sound parenting plan for submission to the court and answer any questions you have relating to:

  • Visitation terms — Every parenting time plan should be tailored to the needs and values of the children and parents involved. However, there are common concerns that should be addressed in each case, such as weekend visitation, sharing holidays and establishing reliable transportation provisions. Our decades of divorce law experience gives us the ability to draft and negotiate agreements that are easy to follow and flexible when they need to be. If a question exists regarding the child’s safety or a parent’s health, our firm can include supervised visitation protocols.
  • Modifications — Children and parents go through many changes that might justify changing the terms of a parenting time order. A new job, ailing family member or a shift in a son’s or daughter’s extracurricular activities could warrant a modification. When there is no objection, we handle revision submissions efficiently. Should a conflict arise, our firm strives to achieve a result that is amenable to both parents, but we can bring a case to court if necessary.    
  • Grandparent visitation — Grandparents who have been stopped from seeing their grandchildren can petition the court for visitation rights in certain instances. We take the time to learn about the existing relationship and pursue a resolution that allows family members to maintain their strong bonds, if possible.

Our personal approach to these matters means that you won’t be forced into using the court’s Parenting Time Guidelines, but will have a personalized framework that gives your son or daughter the ability to have frequent, meaningful contact with each parent.

Effective advocate works to enforce existing parenting time orders

Anything from an illness to a traffic jam can prevent a well-meaning mother or father from complying with the terms of a visitation schedule. However, when violations occur regularly or involve serious breaches, legal action might be necessary. Through effective communication and suitable adjustments to changing circumstances, parents can often avoid harmful conflicts. Where these measures don’t work as intended, we advocate for parents in enforcement actions where a noncompliant parent can be required to take part in mediation, face changes to the parenting plan or be subject to contempt proceedings.

Skillful counselor uses mediation to reach fair visitation agreements

A parenting plan imposed by the court could lead an aggrieved party to question the plan’s validity or ignore its terms. For this reason, mediation is often a superior method of resolving differences between the parents over visitation concerns. During this process, we represent clients in discussions before a neutral third party who is trained to help parents find common ground.

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Shatzman & Shatzman counsels Michigan parents about laws addressing parenting time arrangements and represents them in related proceedings. To set up a free consultation at our Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores office, please call 586-800-3018 or contact us online.