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Modification of Parenting Time or Visitation During the COVID-19 Crisis

Like other states, Michigan has been subject to executive orders and other measures that require workers — except for those designated as essential — to remain at home in an Read More

How Does Michigan Law Divide Assets in Divorce Cases?

Marriage is a complicated set of legal rights and obligations, including the presumed joint ownership of property acquired during the marriage. In a divorce, Michigan law provides for division of Read More

Michigan’s 100-Mile Rule on Moving Children After Divorce

In a divorce, child custody and visitation arrangements are set based on the circumstances at the time. That usually means the spouses are in close enough physical proximity to allow Read More

How to Use Separate Maintenance as an Alternative to Divorce

While Michigan law doesn’t provide for legal separation like you will find in some states, couples can create a status known as “separate maintenance” if they wish to stay married Read More

Viewing 1 - 4 out of 4 posts